I feel for these people…I really do…

It’s never easy to see someone fail in a major way, especially when you know it’s gonna cost them or their company a pretty penny. Heck, forget about pennies, we’re talking about BIG BUCKS here…

But, as we say, accidents happen, so these folks shouldn’t beat themselves up too much…I just hope some of them were able to hang on to their jobs, ya know?

Let’s take a look at some photos of very large and very expensive mistakes and accidents.


1. Yikes! That is really not good.

Someone better start talking.

Some one forgot to lower the dump on the truck
byu/phetish23 inThatLookedExpensive

2. That doesn’t look right.

Now, who’s gonna call the owner?

Taken from r/justrolledintotheshop
byu/OvercastHaze inThatLookedExpensive

3. Rock n’ boat! Get it!

Take a minute to let it sink in.

A rock’n boat
byu/istionyyc inThatLookedExpensive

4. Not again!

A very costly mistake right here.

Flipped the apc and crashed a truck that’s gotta be expensive
byu/Saint9407 inThatLookedExpensive

5. 70 million dollars?!?!

I’m pretty sure they have it covered, but still…

70M Yacht Capsized in Greece
byu/TheRigSauce inThatLookedExpensive

6. Noooooo! This is a nightmare.

Save the booze! By all means!

Jim bean wearhouse fire that was left to burn through 45 thousand barrels of whiskey to avoid runoff into nearby water sources
byu/liamurray12 inThatLookedExpensive

7. How on Earth did this happen?

A once-in-a-lifetime accident.

Well, not one but two
by inThatLookedExpensive

8. Whoa…those are nice cars.

Call out another tow truck!

Trailer full of new 2020 Shelby GT500s tipped over in Detroit today.
byu/ablebodiedmango inThatLookedExpensive

9. Is there a raft or something nearby that you can get onto?

Ladies, I’m talking to you.

When you want your insurance adjuster to pay more attention to your claim
byu/Ienjoyduckscompany inThatLookedExpensive

10. Not a good test drive.

I wonder how much they charged the driver…

[deleted by user]
by inThatLookedExpensive

11. Two pricey cars.

One very pricey accident.

Porsche Panamera Hybrid vs Tesla Model S
byu/PhilpotBlevins inThatLookedExpensive

12. Go find the owner of this car!

Of all the parking spots in the world…

Cement truck mishap
by inThatLookedExpensive

13. A fine bottle of wine.

Right down the drain.

If you’re having a bad day, just know that at least you didn’t shatter a 16,000$ bottle of Victory in Europe, 1945 Château Mouton Rothschild.
byu/I_kickflipped_my_dog inwine

14. Gone in an instant.

You might not want to use one of these garages again.

When you forget you parked on top of the self-hiding garage
byu/itsMineDK inThatLookedExpensive

Have you ever had a major fail in your life like these folks did?

If so, tell us about it in the comments.

We look forward to hearing from you!