If you’re someone who often struggles to remember that the human race has potential and is worth, you know, being saved then this post might not be for you. In fact, the entire internet might not be for you, but that’s a conversation for another day.

For now, just be warned – if you’re worried about the collective intelligence of the human race, these 14 posts are not going to do anything to make you feel better.

14. This is just a bizarre conversation.


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13. This cannot be a serious thing.

No. I refuse to believe it.

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12. That reply is everything.

It made me do an actual spitake.

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11. What do you even say?

I mean…I suppose we all know what they’re trying to say, so that’s something.

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10. There’s actually another way we can tell.

Because it comes out of us.

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9. I think most of us can explain it.

You just have to stop and think about it for just a minute.

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8. Not once, but twice.

Fool me once and all of that.

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7. I mean…

It’s wrong but it’s not inaccurate.

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6. That was some inspired milk.

It was inspired to make you sick.

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5. Oooh I am cringing so hard.

I hope the admissions committee didn’t see this.

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4. I mean sometimes we forget words for things.

Brain fog is real, especially before coffee!

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3. Biology is just not that simple.

A fact we’re all finding out the hard way these days.

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2. I can’t believe they had to tell her that.

Bless her heart.

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1. There’s more than one grammar rule that’s important.

I’m just saying.

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Y’all, I don’t even know what to say. What can you say?

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