When we go into a long term relationship, everyone realizes that mistakes – both our own and the ones made by a partner – are inevitable.

That said, most of us do our best to avoid the really obvious ones.

Sometimes we fail – and these 14 married folks must be feeling pretty sheepish at the moment.

14. At least she put it away.

Beggars can’t be choosers.

How my wife puts away the cutlery
byu/FGGF inmildlyinfuriating

13. Bless his heart.

At least he didn’t try to serve it.

I think my husband was tired this morning because that is dog food and not coffee beans.
byu/CaptnChristiana infunny

12. That’s a different sort of SOS.

Not suitable for scrubbing the kitchen.

11. I think she missed a spot.

But also what is going on with their grass?

Happily obliged when my wife said she would mow the grass…
byu/leakasauras inmildlyinfuriating

10. Seems like a reasonable solution.

The alternative is super greasy hands.

my wife doesn’t like the way I eat chips
byu/whatifiwas1332 inmildlyinfuriating

9. I don’t know if this is a fail.

It might actually be kind of epic.

My husband was so excited about his custom card
byu/clovergirlerin infunny

8. Makes me twitch.

How do people live like this?

My wife: I never got your email Also her:
byu/ataylorm inmildlyinfuriating

7. Well they need to dry out…

Presumably they’re clean.

This is where my wife keeps her teeth things
byu/jeanheff inmildlyinfuriating

6. It’s still pizza though.

I bet he ate it.


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5. Who DOESN’T eat cinnamon rolls like that?

Monsters, that’s who.

The way my wife eats cinnamon rolls…
byu/PowerfulMongoose inmildlyinfuriating

4. Unacceptable.

We all know she’s never going back for those apples.

My wife only takes a few bites of an apple and “saves the rest for later”
byu/MethIsntCool inmildlyinfuriating

3. I don’t think those are licensed.

They are hilarious though.

The patrol sticker set my wife bought for our 3yo son
byu/Mr_Otterswamp inmildlyinfuriating

2. On the one hand, he hung them up.

On the other, she probably still wants to do a murder.

The way my husband hangs his pants…on a pants hanger
byu/Embarrassed-Park-957 inmildlyinfuriating

1. It looks like something that crashed down from outer space.

If you look at it just right.

It’s so sad it’s funny – at least to the rest of us.

Have you ever made a similar bonehead move? Fess up in the comments!