I have a friend who once set forth on an epic quest to collect every Nintendo 64 game ever made, then resell them all as a bundle at a heavy markup for a profit.

It was going great until he realized that getting the rarest ones was actually incredibly difficult and expensive and so he ended up just reselling the ones he’d collected and basically breaking even. There’s a lesson to be learned there: don’t start a collection unless you can finish it.

Which is why I collect memes. I think I’m going to have all of them soon. And when I do, I’ll be filthy rich. Here are 14 to start with.

14. Pizza time

My infamy shall be grand and wonderous.

13. One and the same

Whoa, getting heavy here for a minute.

12. The big question

We can’t know, there’s just no way to know.

11. Mechanically inept

To be fair, your grandpa probably doesn’t know how to use his phone.

10. It’s a gas

This is why I avoid dentists at all costs.

9. Take me away

I see what you did there.

8. Honk honk

We are not so different, you and I.

7. I wish

We all live in fantasy land sometimes.

6. Selling me short

I think it’s kind of both, let’s be honest.

5. Check it out

I do this but with money and my bank account.

4. Movie party!

Pick something good or I’m gonna snitch though.

3. The loot

Well well well, look who’s the life of the party.

2. Pure passion

Talk to the hand, cause the face don’t wanna understand.

1. I can see clearly now

Keeping an eye on you.

14 down, just several million to go.

What’s something that you’ve collected?

Tell us in the comments.