We spend so much of our time just scrolling through things that we rarely stop to think about what we’re looking at.

But sometimes, something comes along that’s so weird, or mind-bending, or just generally disruptive of your thought pattern, that the laws of physics themselves demand you stop and say “…wait, what?”

These are such posts.

14. The monster inside

This is what the face of addiction looks like.

13. Fly, you fools!

I think the words that played him in the book were great. They were really type cast.

12. Paragraph

I mean, you’re correct? But also…what?

11. All in order

Crazy how plate tectonics do dat.

10. A royal bounty

Hey, in early 2020 that would have fetched an Emperor’s ransom.

9. Housing crisis

“Have you priced out two room seashells these days? It’s crazy.”

8. Push me pull you

It’s all a matter of perspective.

7. These colors don’t run

They don’t do much of anything, really. They’re colors.

6. Hammer it home

You absolutely nailed it.

5. A balanced diet

Now that is just ice cold.

4. A masterpiece

They didn’t have the most creative naming conventions back then.

3. Plug me in

Ok just hear me out.

2. I am the night

And I would like a table for one, please.

1. That stings

I feel like I’m looking at a very expensive photo right now.

Well, that’s enough. My head is starting to spin.

What’s made you stop and take notice recently?

Tell us in the comments.