Guys…just admit it

There are certain things that all of us do.

Don’t even try to deny it!

So what did men have to say about this on AskReddit?

Let’s take a look…

1. There you go.

“Pretending to put our hands in our pocket when actually we’re actually trying to untangle our underwear from our balls.”

2. Back off.

“Give each other space at the urinals. 9 times out of 10, the only time you will see 2 guys using directly adjacent urinals is when there’s no other choice.

Otherwise, the rule is every other urinal, and we’re pretty good at it.”

3. Ready to go.

“What my brother calls the “guy check”.

We slap our pockets to make sure we have our wallet, keys, and phone.”

4. It’s true.

“Enjoy dropping big rocks into water.

One time I was in a walking path that crosses over a lake. Two little boys were running to the shore and back up to toss in rocks.

I walked down to the shore picked up a bowling size rock and threw it off the bridge for them.

I was a god in their little eyes.”

5. A big one.

“When you are about to use tongs during a BBQ you HAVE to click them together a couple times first to make sure they work!”

6. Yes.

“I have no idea WTF is going on in most of my friends’ personal lives… Known them for years.”

7. LOL.

“Being clueless about women.

Had a woman ask for my number a couple weeks ago. Had a date last week. She initiated the goodnight kiss. She is coming over tonight.

I’m still not sure…”

8. It’s fun!

“Dig a hole in the ground, and wait for other guys to join in.

There is a scene in Breaking Bad where Jesse is trying to lure a m**h head out of their house.

He starts digging in their front yard and within 30 seconds the guy is out there digging for him.”

9. Peaceful.

“Go to that beautiful place called the empty box in your brain, you just stare into nothing and think about nothing.

Such a peaceful place.”

10. The greeting.

“When you greet a fellow man, you do not speak.

You head nod and speak telepathically.”

11. Fun in the shower.

“Build the water pool in our crossed arms while we shower.

Then let it drop when it fills to get the biggest SPLOOSH possible.”

12. The stance.

“Steady ourself on the wall when peeing after we’ve been drinking.

Or even if we haven’t been drinking…”

13. Fantasy heist.

“We imagine ourselves successfully pulling off a heist.

Like Oceans 11 or the Lufthansa job.”

14. I’m an idiot!

“Say/do something stupid, then remembering it 10 years later and have it looping through your brain when you’re trying to sleep.”

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