As the saying goes…common sense ain’t that common.

And I guess that goes for common knowledge, too, huh?

You bet it does!

And AskReddit users shared their thoughts about the basic knowledge that a lot of folks don’t seem to know.

Take a look.

1. You should know that!

“Where their water shutoff is in their house.

Also that turning off the water doesn’t magically depressurize your pipes.

If you’ve got a leak or are DIYing some plumbing you need to open up faucets so the water already in the pipes drains out.”

2. LOL.

“It is very easy to not block the whole aisle with your cart at the grocery store.

Related, the grocery store is not the place to host your family reunion.”

3. Good to know.

“When your turn signal starts blinking at 2x speed it’s a warning that one of your turn signal bulbs is out.”

4. Learn about it!

“Not everything is a tax write-off.

I’m convinced 99% of people have absolutely no understanding of tax credits and just parrot what other people tell them.”

5. Do it!

“Check your oil.

And check your coolant.

Also check your coolant.

I was riding with my coworker one day after work and a dinging starts going off in her car. She goes “UGH! What does that MEAN?!” And I look at her dash and it’s the light for her engine over heating.

I tell her to pull into the next autozone. I look inside the coolant reservoir and it’s f**king DUST. The cashier told her it was a miracle she even made it to Autozone!”

6. Be careful.

“Drinking al**hol makes a person FEEL warmer but you’re much more susceptible to freezing to d**th.”

7. Grammar stuff.

“How to use you’re and your.

And they’re, their, and there.

And two, too, and to.”

8. Safety first.

“If your car gets stuck in snow, take out the floor mats and stick them under your tires as best you can, in the direction you are wanting to go (so the tires can drive on them).

This helps give you some traction. You can reuse this technique as far as needed, just parking, getting out, and moving the floor mats back to right in front/behind your tires.

It irks me when I watch TV shows where the characters get stuck and can’t get out of the snow, when they clearly have floor mats in their car. It has come to my attention over the past couple years that a lot of people don’t know this, so now I try and bring it up every time it remotely comes up in a convo.

Also, keep emergency supplies in your vehicle. Jumper cables, a flashlight and batteries (keep them stored separately because corrosion), food/water, gloves, winter boots if applicable where you are, etc.”

9. Thank you!

“That forgetting your headphones doesn’t mean we want to hear you scrolling through Tiktok on the bus.”

10. Now you know!

“Each time you make a credit card purchase, you are taking out a short term, high interest loan which will accrue interest if you don’t pay it off by the end of the month.”

11. Let ’em cry.

“If you are frustrated with a baby, put it in the other room and WALK AWAY.

Letting them cry themselves to sleep is a lot less traumatic for an infant than shaken baby syndrome.

Walk away.”

12. Be nice.

“If you are nice to a cashier, they will be nicer to you. I cannot explain how far that a friendly, “Hi. How are you? …. Thank you. Have a good day.”

Be nice to your service workers! We can’t make the world go ’round but we will sure as hell try harder for people who are nice to us.”

13. Truth!

“Just show up! Whether it is school, work, a job interview, a social gathering, an appointment, or whatever it is, if you are expected to be there, show up.

Even if you are late, showing up is better than nothing! If you know you will be late, call ahead if possible; call to excuse your absence if you cannot make it before the event is over.

This comes from two of my jobs: employers would rather have someone who is late than someone who is absent; and students will do better in classes if they are late than if they don’t go.”

14. Not worth it.

“Speeding will not get you to your destination any faster.

Reckless speeding will get you into a hospital bed or a casket before it will get you to your destination.

Fifteen miles an hour over the limit will get you fifteen miles further in one hour, but will add an approximate 16,500 N of force to any crash you get into (it only takes 4,000 N per in² to break your femur).”

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