That’s bad!

I definitely heard that phrase a lot when I was growing up and it seems like it’s still going strong!

Because people definitely like to chip in their two cents about what they think is good AND bad.

But today we’re focusing on the bad stuff…that maybe really isn’t all that bad…

Let’s see what AskReddit users said about this!

1. That’s life.

“Making mistakes.

I’ve f**ked up a lot in my life, A LOT, but I’ve learned from it, grown, and become a better person than I would have been if I’d never made those poor choices.

Making mistakes isn’t bad, choosing to not learn from them is.”

2. Amen!

“Having disagreements. Totally normally to disagree with people.

It’s even more normal to disagree with your friends and still remain friends.”

3. Do your own thing.

“Doing nothing with my free time.

I work and have chores. When I don’t have those things, I don’t feel like hiking or scuba diving or anything.

I want to do nothing. Leave me alone.”

4. Not a bad thing.

“Politicians changing their minds when presented with new information.”

5. Solo trip.

“Going out to eat by yourself.

Nothing wrong with eating or drinking alone!”

6. No big deal.

“Admitting you were wrong.

I hear this on a daily occurrence at work. You messed up….so what. Learn from it and move on.

There is always an excuse with people.”

7. Just being civil.

“A lot of people are quick to call you “fake” if you’re polite to those you dislike.

It’s not being fake, it’s being civil.”

8. Every situation is different.

“Sticking around through hard times.

Sometimes it’s not toxic, people are just flailing cause they need help, and if you help you may find a very loyal and worthwhile relationship.”

9. Not for everyone.

“Not working 24/7 or participating in the “hustle culture”.

This is probably the biggest scam ever. I work 6 hours a day and I’m successful. I work for myself too.

The only thing that matters is what you do with the time you’re working. I remember there was a post somehwere about hustle culture and the guy posted something along the lines of:

“Getting up early is the biggest bulls**t ever invented by the hustle community, the only thing that matters is what you do with the time that you’re awake”

I don’t participate in hustle culture. I have a long weekend every other weekend. I travel whenever the f**k I feel like it, because I can. Never am I worried about skipping a day.”

10. Sad.

“Poverty. Have you noticed how most people treat those who make little money?

Yes, there are some hard-core slackers who don’t want to work, but most people work their asses off to make a living, and it’s not because of laziness, but because of social or health reasons.

It is worth remembering that one day you make fun of the poor, and the next day you are begging for your own bread. Be kind!”

11. Snoozin’.

“Waking up late.

But getting a few more hours sleep is far more beneficial than some YouTube hustler saying you should wake up at 5 am for no reason.”

12. Practice makes perfect.

“Talking to yourself.

I’ve done this for the past 13-15 years, outloud, in English (English is not my first language) and it’s helped me improve so much my accent and speaking skills.”

13. A big one.

“One example of something that society considers to be bad but is not inherently so is aging.

While aging is often associated with decline and loss, it can also bring wisdom, maturity, and a greater appreciation for life.

It is often how society views aging and the cultural attitudes toward the elderly that are negative, not the process itself.”

14. We all fail.


Failing does not mean you are a failure. Just means you tried something and it didn’t work out right.

It is very possible that “Those who never failed also never tried.” is true.”

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