We all have our weird little quirks that are special to us and only us…

It’s part of what makes each and every one of us unique!

And today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about the weird things that they think only they do.

Take a look!

1. Gotta cool off.

“I am almost certain that I am the only person who, after going on my daily 5k run, cools down by walking the whole path through the IKEA showroom and marketplace.

I only started this a couple months ago when we moved to a new house about ten minutes walk away from an IKEA. I find it very calming and stimulating, though.”

2. Mine!

“I squeeze my soda can ever so slightly so that I know that it’s mine.

Growing up poor with a lot of siblings tends to make you a bit competitive.”

3. Sealed off.

“If I walk anywhere near someone that coughs or sneezes, I will quietly close my mouth and breathe out my nose until no oxygen remains and hold my breath, in what I can only describe as me trying to seal myself off from germs.”

4. That’s nice!

“Whenever I see a pigeon, I always say “ah bonjour Monsieur Pigeon!”

Absolutely no idea why I do this, particularly as I have zero connections to France.”

5. It’s for you.

“I pick up random objects and answer them like a phone.

The caller (usually the police) always wants talk to my cat and I argue that my feline friend does not speak common tongue and it often escalates in heated but brief exchange.

No matter how firmly I state my point they always keep calling…”

6. Get comfy.

“When comfy and falling asleep in bed, I rub my feet and/or legs together or just against the blanket. Or I kinda rock my hips side to side.

I just feel immense comfort in the movement and motion and it’s a sign for me I’m suuuuuper comfy and content.”

7. Balance.

“Even out the egg carton for symmetry. If I’m taking out two eggs I take them from opposite ends to keep it balanced.

I think this stems from some deep childhood memory of dropping a carton of eggs because all the weight was on one end….”

8. Hungry?

“I know a lot of edible wild plants, so my friends would tease me for randomly breaking off from the group to eat a clump of grass or suspicious fruit.”

9. There you go.

“Whenever I get ready for bed or take a shower and I go to take my pants off I have to kick them up with my foot and catch them in midair before they go in the laundry.

Underwear as well.”

10. You should record this.

“When I give my dog a Kong, I sing “Thong Song” but replace “Thong” with “Kong”.

“Dat Kong, Kong, Kong, Kong,Kong”.”

11. Inner monologue.

“I talk to myself, and not just talk I mean full-on RAMBLE, for over 8 years now I have been going on my scooter and outside where I put on my own show in my head, with these characters called Jibos which are robot-human things against other jibos with dark magic and weird c**p.

I don’t know why I do this, and I don’t just think of the dialogue and chitter-chatter, I genuinely BLURT it out, It embarrasses me but I keep on doing it, and sometimes when I get really into it my voice gets louder and louder, personally my favorite part of it is when I get to do the sound effects, but other then that this thing that I do concerns me. I hope I’m not mentally ill.”

12. Something is watching…

“Subconsciously thinking a demon is watching me every time I close my eyes in the shower.

I know there not but I just can’t shake the feeling.”

13. Hmmm…

“Make peanut butter, jelly, salami, and bread & butter pickle sandwiches.

Even I don’t know what possessed me to make that, but I like it.”

14. Make sure you grab the right cup.

“Each glass or cup in the kitchen has a specific dedicated liquid and reason.

Some coffee cups are meant for rougher moody days and other coffee cups for brighter days!”

What weird things do you do?

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