Isn’t it funny how things go from being “cool” to “totally uncool?”

You see it all the time!

Bands, celebrities, fashion, etc.

One minute everyone is into it and then the next minute it’s gone in a flash.

What are you glad isn’t considered cool anymore?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Gone for good.

“Moustache everything.

There was also that sub-trend of drawing a mustache on your finger and put it underneath your nose to do some sort of quirky selfie.

I remember some people actually tatooed it on their fingers and I’m wondering how it’s going for them now.”

2. I’m choking!

“Anyone old enough to remember BOD?

I remember they used to sell that s**t by the gallon in these gigantic spray bottles.

My Jr high was filled with that s**t. This was before AXE though.”

3. What the hell is this?


Going up to a rando and slapping them, usually as hard as you can, while your friends record it.”

4. Tramp stamps!

“The lower back tattoo (tramp stamp) in the late 90’s to early 2000’s that EVERY college girl was getting at the time.

Cute little tramp stamp of a butterfly, then added a boyfriend’s name, then had the name covered up, the butterfly needed color, the whole thing is covered up, their lower back is now a billboard of bad decisions.

I’ve known too many people with this EXACT timeline of events.”

5. Different now.

“B**lying people.

As a child of the 90’s, people laughed at b**lies and gave them a lot more leeway.

It’s nice to see bullies held accountable by social media, if not schools.”

6. LOL.


I was never a Jersey Shore fan, but nonetheless, I admire the work ethic involved.

I’m never going to discourage a dude from doing chores.”

7. Yuck.


I get that its still used, but remember when the music industry was using it as like an instrument instead of a tool.”

8. So stupid.

“Cringe culture.

Making fun of people for certain stuff when it’s completely harmless to everyone else (ie liking anime, innocent YouTube videos, etc.)

It still exists of course, but it’s much smaller than it was a few years ago during the LeafyIsHere craze. Glad he’s gone.”

9. Are you comfortable?

“That style where women would pull their thong way up and it hung out of their pants on the sides and back.

I thought it looked stupid and incredibly uncomfortable.”

10. Got old very fast.

“The Harlem shake trend.

That was sooooo annoying.”

11. Take that back!

“Truck nutz.

There was never any surer way to show the world you’re a complete tool, and I’m glad you don’t really see them anymore.”

12. RIP.

“I think the Man Bun has passed us by for the most part.

It was the mullet of our time.”

13. Doesn’t age well.

“Huge ear gauges or whatever they were called.

I see people now with stretched earlobes and just feel bad for them.”

14. Used to be everywhere.


I know that we now understand how unhealthy it is, but I don’t think many people appreciate/remember just how horrendous being stuck in a confined space filled with c**arette s**ke was.

Or the stink of a chain s**ker’s home, in/on everything in the entire house. People s**ked in cars, public transport, restaurants, offices at work, doctors’ waiting rooms, even teachers at school.

Basically everywhere.”

Are there some things that you’re glad aren’t considered cool anymore?

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