We’re so wrapped up in our own business over here in the good old USA that we sometimes forget that there’s a huge world out there…

And sometimes we Americans give ourselves away way too easily to folks who aren’t from here.

People took to AskReddit to share what immediately gives away Americans.

Take a look.

1. Where you from?

“When asked where they are from:

Australian: “I’m from Australia” British: “I’m from the UK” Indian: “I’m from India” Chinese: “I’m from China”

American: “I’m from Wisconsin”.”

2. What about celsius?

“”It was 90 degrees outside.”

I hope that is a reasonable number…”

3. Knew it!

“When they talk about “the college experience.”


4. What happened?

“You only left a ten percent tip?

But that’s so mean what did they do wrong?”

5. Can’t look like an idiot.

“This is an excellent chat on how not to look like a tourist.

I am taking notes.”

6. Oh, boy…

“I was taking a walking tour in Ireland once and the guide mentioned Notre Dame for some reason.

This American guy tried to correct her pronunciation as Not-er Daym, not Not-re Daam.

It was a wildly uncomfortable few minutes.”

7. Depends…

“It depends on what state you’re in”.

I live outside the US right now and this is the answer to the majority of questions I get about home.

I probably say this every day…”

8. I guess we’re used to it.

“Recommending a brand of medication.

Because apparently medications are advertised on TV.”

9. Yes!

“Asking for ranch dressing.

I call ranch dressing American Sauce. One time, when eating with a group of friends, I said “pass me the American sauce” and they all knew what I’m talking about.

It’s dumb but I get a kick out of it because ranch feels so American. Even the name: Ranch. What a cowboy thing to call it.”

10. That’s too bad.

“Based on my own experience as an American abroad: realizing that other countries don’t have doughnut shops open for breakfast, because doughnuts aren’t a breakfast food.”

11. Ouch.

“European friend: why do you guys drive so much? Such a waste of gas.

American: I’m usually not in the mood to spend over an hour to get eggs from the store.

European friend: then why don’t you move closer to where everything is?

American: Then I won’t have money for those eggs.”

12. Go team!

“School spirit!! I work in an international school with lots of American colleagues.

The expectation to be excited about everything is A LOT, but I see why it would be infectious if you were brought up in the states.

I do like when the European teachers are all grouped together awkwardly not knowing what to do with the spirit and cheer….”

13. Very specific.

“My favorite thing I noticed when abroad is how Americans introduce themselves.

We usually say the state we’re from rather than just saying we’re from America.”

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