Ahhhh, Generation X.

Those folks have given us a lot of good things, don’t you think?

You know that’s the truth!

And now it’s time to hear about the most Gen X things EVER.

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1. Remember?

“Columbia House.

How did they ever make money?

No one ever paid them.”

2. Yes!

“We would call the local rock station to request a song then sit there with a tape at the ready to hit record as soon as they played our song.

Repeat that about 10x and you’ve got a nice mixtape.

3. Open your ears!

“Prank calls.

The Jerky Boys.

I’d buy that tape again today.”

4. Have that thing ready…

“Having a pencil ready to fix a cassette.

That absolute panic when you hear your stereo about to eat your favorite cassette!”

5. Good one!

“The Singles soundtrack.

Singles is one of my all time favorites and I feel like no one I know has even heard of it!”

6. All of it.

“Pong, space invaders, being the last generation to have to walk across the room to change the tv channel, being able to fix the tv by pounding on it the right way, getting the brown box for the tv and there only being 3 stations.

Also being totally forgotten about by the other two generations. Like door mice.”

7. Pretty much.

“Never getting mentioned in the news.

It always goes from gen z to millennials to boomers.”

8. Bang your head!

“Watching mtv headbangers ball Saturday morning.

Ready to record on the vhs when my favourite bands came on.”

9. Big perm.

“After seeing Dirty Dancing, I had the great idea to get my hair permed to look like Jennifer Grey.

Instead I turned out looking like Richard Simmons.

That ended my perm fetish forever.”

10. What’s on your mix?


Actual cassette tapes recorded on a boom box from songs on the radio.

Bonus for Ramones tunes as part of the mix.”

11. Great show!

“The Young Ones.

I yell about lentils running down the stairs every time I make them and my Gen-Z kid thinks I’m an idiot.


12. Classic.

“Parachute pants.

The noise was deafening in the halls between classes!!”

13. Timeless.

“Grunge music.

Working with a handful of Gen-Xers and the only music they can consistently agree on is the Pearl Jam station.”

14. Arcades for the win!

“Video arcades.

Before Gen-X, graphics weren’t good enough, and after Gen-X, you’d play the games on your own home console.

No other generation claimed them like we did.”

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