I saw my brother get hit by a very fast-moving ski lift chair once in Colorado and it was probably the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me in my whole life.

It was seriously amazing and it still makes me laugh even though it happened about 20 years ago.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen?

AskReddit users shared the stories that still make them laugh.

1. Dad and Pepper the cat.

“Probably only funny to me in the moment, but to this day one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

When I was a kid, we had a cat named Pepper. Pepper was in the front yard, hiding in a bush and darting her paw out at my dad, who was jumping back and forth around the bush, playing with her.

Little did he know, our neighbor was standing across the street, staring at him. Neighbor clearly could not see the cat and probably thought my dad had lost his mind.

The dramatic irony of the situation hit me all at once and had me in stitches. Dad is inexplicably dancing around a bush. Neighbor is puzzled. The image still gets me to this day.”

2. The pumpis.

“One time in 5th grade we had a discussion about the human body, and we got to the point how to pronounce the word penis. We all did good, except this one kid, Daniel. He tried to say it, but ended us saying “pumpis”.

Me and my friends we’re laughing so hard i almost peed myself. To this day, me and my friend still laugh at that moment LOL.”

3. Look out below!

“I work late nights at an on-campus bakery at my college, and it was the last night before winter break. Since there wasn’t a whole lot to do, we were just goofing off and being dumbasses (along with our manager). Our bakery is located inside of another building, and there’s a gigantic window where people inside the building can see into our bakery.

We were tossing around stale donuts, and as soon as this one guy walked by the window, my co worker chucks a donut at the window as hard as he can, and this guy jumps straight in the air, looks around, then finally realizes what happened. He just sort of stares at us, stunned, while we waved. I think I almost pissed myself after he walked away.”

4. My abs hurt!

“We had a power outage at work, so they decided to send us home early. The daughter of the firm’s president was your stereotypical spoiled rich girl, and was probably a size 10 but was squeezing her ass into size 8 pants because she couldn’t accept she wasn’t a single digit size.

She got excited about going home and did a high kick. Her pants split from her knee all the way up the back of her ass with the most cartoonish RRRRRRIIIPPPPPP!

The look of shock and embarrassment on her face was worth the price of admission.

I was laughing so hard I fell on the floor. My abs hurt the following two days.”

5. Is this train moving?

“I was living in NYC and the city had just opened back up that day after a huge hurricane. I was waiting on a subway train and there were delays, obviously.

A man with a bike was huffing impatiently and craning his neck out the door. After a minute he started shouting to the conductor.


Everyone on the train started to give each other that look which says “ugh, this asshole.” It was the day after a hurricane, what was he expecting? He kept shouting until he got an answer off the conductor that the train would not be moving.

“OKAY, THAT’S ALL I NEEDED TO KNOW, THAT’S ALL I NEEDED TO KNOW,” he replied and scooted off the train, dragging his bike up the stairs. The doors to the train immediately shut and the train departed the platform.

Everyone cheered, and I’m not kidding, they really did.”

6. The bullfrog.

“I was partying in Havasu with my buddy and walked in on him and a girl hooking up in our tent. No big deal, it was a big tent. I went to the other side, told them to ignore me (we were all really drunk) and laid down.

She got uncomfortable, and he walked her back to her campsite.

When he returned, he went to take a piss outside of our tent, while talking to me through the wall of it.

I hear “uh oh” and I ask what’s up. He had started pissing, but never took the condom off and it was filled like a water balloon hanging off of him.

We couldn’t stop laughing. I still refer to him as bullfrog, and this was over 20 years ago.”

7. On the cattle farm.

“I used to work on a cattle farm. A local fellow lent us a bull for some heifers, and claimed that he was a quiet, lovely boy.

He was not. He was angry, mean, and had a habit of trapping you in a cubicle, thus forcing you to climb out of the barn siding. We rang the neighbour and complained; he would have none of it.

Three months later the neighbour turned up to collect this bull, and confidently declared that it would remember him. He opened the yard gate, walked down the row of cubicles… and the bull appeared at the other end of the passage and began trotting towards him, tail swishing.

This man, without changing his gait or attitude, turned on his heel and marched right back out of the shed. It was a perfect example of forward to reverse motion without any pause. My boss and I were in tears from laughing.”

8. Horse shit!

“Years ago, my younger brother was helping me wash my horse. He happened to be wearing slip on sandals with little holes perforated all over the soles of them (poor choice for being around a horse, I know).

Anyways, the grass was soaked from the water and my horse pooped…my brother stepped backwards into the poop, and it came gushing through the holes of his shoe and went all over his foot. Lol it still makes me laugh every time I think about that.”

9. Oh no!

“A few years ago, my entire extended family went to spread my grandmothers ashes at the beach and when we waded in about knee deep, my brother threw the ashes into the air instead of tipping them into the water. He got smacked with a face full of grandma, started crying, and then had to dive into a wave fully clothed to get her off of him.

He was 30 years old. It must have been 10 seconds in total, but I, a grown woman, peed myself laughing and it a fantastic send off for her.”

10. I need to see The Burger King.

“I was with my best friend at Burger King and while we were eating some mid 40’s woman was screaming at this small, very pregnant, and very mad 20ish year old manager and the woman was DEMANDING to speak to The Burger King.

I have never laughed so hard in my life.”

11. Hilarious and terrifying.

“Two friends and I were walking home from school one day when we stumbled upon a wheeled cabinet on somebody’s curb, likely going to scrap.

One of my friends, who is massive in height and width, decided to body-board the cabinet onto the street for all of a few seconds before having it collapse under him. Side panels shot out; screws and all. Wheels absolutely blew up.

It was like watching a firework malfunction.

He fell flat onto the wreckage while my other buddy and I almost ACTUALLY died of laughter. I mean that I laughed so hard, I wasn’t able to breathe and began panicking because very little air was getting through.

I managed to scare myself back to a calm state, and practically crawled home.

Hilarious and terrifying.”

12. Next time, close the sunroof.

“Was stopped at a light years and years ago and this dude is riding his bike over a median in the road, huge freakin median like a foot high or more. He ends up just totally eating shit right over the handlebars face first onto the pavement. My friend and I were baked off our asses and just died laughing, and this dude gives us the shittiest look ever.

Didn’t realize the sunroof was open and he could hear us mocking him.”

13. A bloody scene.

“Worked at a pizza place, new guy knocked a bucket of sauce off a table. It was just me and this guy working that day, I walk in the back to see him covered almost head to toe in sauce, with a look on his face like he had just got back from ‘Nam. Sauce everywhere, the ceiling, walls just all over the place. Dude was so upset about it. Told him to go home and change while I cleaned up.

I felt so bad for him because he legit thought he was gonna get fired. But the look on his face as he was standing there looking like an extra from Carrie was fucking priceless.”

14. He showed you!

“My friend was showering in the dorms and some guys stole all of his clothes and towel and left one sock for him.

He emerges smiling wearing the sock….. on his left foot.”

And hilarity ensued!

Those were great! How about you? What do you think is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen in your whole life?

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