Your goals in life most likely change as the decades go by.

When you’re in your twenties, you’re probably concerned with having a good time and having new experiences, and by the time you turn thirty, you might be interested in having a career that suits you and your lifestyle.

And, on top of that, we’re all different, so everyone has their own timeline in life…and that’s part of the fun!

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about their life goals.

1. We feel for you.

“My partner is d**ng, and I am trying as hard as I can to make sure our time together is full of joy.

I am not looking very far beyond this part of life. I don’t even know how to think about the future.”

2. Happiness is key.

“To actually be happy. Where I want to and enjoy waking up and starting the day.

Things to look forward to. I want to be soo happy and content with myself that others are just stupid happy too.”

3. Workin’ on it.

“Live a self sufficient life, work only 3 or 4 months a year and be financially independent.

Getting there.”

4. Your superpower.

“To get stupid good at making music. For me that’d be like a superpower.

That’s not to say I’ll ever feel like I’ve reached it totally, though.”

5. Sounds nice.

“I just wanna travel and surf in cool places.

Besides making people happy, that is.”

6. You’re the best around.

“Since I was a kid I always wanted to be the best at something.

To do things they say are impossible. I want to d** knowing that I was so good at something, that no one could ever surpass me at it.

Talk about impossible standards, but even just the act of pursuing it makes me feel whole and at peace.”

7. Simple stuff.

“To just live with a yard full of cute dogs.

I just realized that the older I get, my dreams in life become simpler.”

8. Enjoy yourself.

“To get a nice small home/apartment.

Get a well paying job for a maximum of 32 hours a week. And finally, to enjoy as much of my spare time as i can.

We only live for a short while. I’ll be d**ned if I spend more than I need to in a cubicle for someone else’s benefit.”

9. Good luck to you.

“For my friends and family to be happy.

Then personally, I want to publish a book, release some music and marry my amazing girlfriend.”

10. Your happy place.


I consider myself lucky to be able to get to do it once a year, and I have a bloody good time when I do!

Nothing makes me more happier than that…”

11. Independence.

“To stop needing to work and develop passive sources of income.

Just enough cash is required to get by and go on a little bit of trip.

Have a website, one rental home, and are working on another.”

12. Simple and happy.

“I would like to be at peace with myself.

To find a place that would feel like home with my partner and to start a happy family there.

I crave a simple and happy life.”

13. Making progress.

“To put a little money away each day so that my son does not have to experience the financial hardships I did in my youth.

I’m not well off but did escape debt and I want to make sure my family gets a better start than me.”

14. The good life.

“I want to have a good life.

I don’t care about money nor do I care about having expensive things just a good life, a roof under my head , enough clothes to wear, food and some good people around me.”

What are your goals in life?

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