When I was young, there was a family in my town that had a convertible.

A f**king convertible!

Who actually owned a convertible besides Hollywood stars and the rich and famous? These people were obviously billionaires, right?

As I got older, I realized that while convertibles are certainly cool and a lot of fun on the open road, they’re not THAT big of a deal. And normal people can have them, too.

That was a hard lesson to learn my friends…

People on Twitter talked about what thought was super classy when they were kids and the thread is a lot of fun.

And now… on to the classafras!

1. Getting fancy during the holidays.

You know you love them!

2. Get lost in it…

It was very exotic, wasn’t it?

3. The best!

I loved a good video store!

4. Treat yourself.

With class, that is!

5. Don’t eat them!

Very, very classy…

6. Big fan of this!

On top of the world.

7. That proved you were of the upper crust.

Isn’t that right?

8. Hahaha. So true.

You’re in the big leagues now.

9. Walt’s Favorite Fried Shrimp!

Boooyah! Nothing better!

10. Big shots used these.

And I was not one of them…

11. Break out the bag!

Are you impressed yet?

12. Oh, hell yes!

Big fan of this!

13. The cool kids definitely wore that stuff.

I, on the other hand…

14. Time to smell good.

Can’t afford that in 7th grade…

How about you?

What did you think was super duper classy when you were a kid?

Tell us all about it in the comments.