I’ve heard quite a bit lately about young people faking mental illnesses on social media and in real life to get attention and sympathy…and I gotta say that I find it pretty disgusting.

And here’s a story from a teenage girl who wants to know if she’s an a**hole for how she behaved in regard to a friend of hers…take a look at what happened.

AITA for showing my friend’s mom her fake dissociative identity disorder Tiktok?

“My (16F) friend (16F) got really into tiktok when the pandemic started and kind of fell down the rabbit hole of people who have (or are pretending to have) dissociative personality disorder. She made a tiktok where she pretended to have it and it got kind of popular in that community.

At first it was kind of a joke but then she started getting really into it. Now it’s all she talks about. I stopped hanging out with her a couple months ago because I would ask that we talk about something else and she’d have someone else from her “system” come out and threaten me. She also started making tiktoks about how her best friend wasn’t supporting her, which really pi**ed me off.

Yesterday her mom came to talk to me and ask what was going on since she’s acting so weird and we weren’t hanging out anymore. We’ve been friends since we were kids.

So I told her that I didn’t like hanging out with her anymore because of the fake DID and showed her the tiktok, including the videos where she was talking about me. Her mom thanked me and told me she’d talk to her.

A couple hours later she messaged me saying that I was an a**hole and that her mom banned her from tiktok and I was ruining her life. I didn’t respond but she sent a bunch of people to send me messages on tiktok and discord to say I was awful, too.

I feel bad that her mom banned her from tiktok but I don’t feel like I owe her anything anymore, honestly.”

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Another person put it best: Tiktok is like bad behavior catnip to kids. Brilliant!

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And this reader said that if this girl hadn’t alerted the mother, someone else probably would have.

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