If you spend a lot of time with kids, you quickly realize that their brains are functioning on a totally different level than older people.

And Twitter users shared a bunch of hilarious names that kids gave things and it just goes to show you how quirky those little humans can be.

Here’s the deal: they’re weird, they’re strange, they’re odd, they’re our kids!

Let’s see what names they’ve come up for random stuff…

1. Can’t correct that.

Some things just need to be incorrect.

2. I almost do, too!

Let’s go see the explosion things.

3. Christmas hookers.

Don’t ever ruin this one, okay?

4. That is adorable!

But too bad he has it…

5. P**n on the cop.

Let’s just officially rename it to this.

6. Hahahaha. Wow.

Nothing else needs to be said.

7. Yes! I love it!

I have a new term in my vocabulary.

8. You’re very close…

Oh, well, now they’re called chickenladders.

9. The beak of the dog.

Not bad at all…


10. The kid is right about this one.

It’s time to place the pizza in the pizza heater.

11. Weird pickles.

They sure are rad!


12. A great business plan.

Get it started today!

13. Just go with it.

I like both of them!

14. Bow down to your Lord.

Chuck E. Jesus would be a cool horror movie.


Those are hilarious!

And now we want to hear from all the parents out there.

In the comments, tell us about the funny names that your kids give things!

We can’t wait to hear from you!