Big dogs that take up small spaces, like your lap, are the most endearing of gentle giants.

It’s sort of the opposite of the cat’s mantra if I fits I sits. A Great Dane will be all like, “What’s that? You weigh 110 pounds? Cool cool–that’s actually perfect. I’m going to sit on your lap because it’s sorta’ my thing. Accept your fate human because I’m 165 pounds of fugging adorable slobberin’ sweet kisses all over ya.”

Below you will find examples of these behemoths occupying sizable accommodations.

1. Tryin’ ta catch me ridin’ dirty.

Shotgun no backsies. Also, I’d feel a bit triggered if he was made to sit middle.

This is Ben. He has a beard. And he is human sized. We get fun looks in traffic.
byu/TheGospelOfMark inaww

2. I floof here.

And everywhere else for that matter.


3. An actual wolf.

But this one may not eat your Grandma. Have treats, though.


4. Like I said.

About the Great Danes.


5. Again, like I said.

As if you needed more proof.


6. Hi, this is my dog.

He’s 1/3 Cerebus.


7. Heaven’s Cerebus.

He said you’re on the list.

8. Kitten, man.

They have no chill. Too many ferocious pointy ends, in my opinion.


9. Adorable and ferocious at the same time.

Honey-loving bears watch out.


10. Reindeers got nothing on these guys.

Slobber kisses and snoot boops are games Rudolf won’t play.


11. I can’t even.

Literally, I can’t even.


12. Dads of a certain breed.

Possess a much larger presence than others.


13. Bear dogs get pets.

Avoid bear bears at expos.


14. We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Car–whatever, you know what I mean.


14. Another floof that floofs…

…wherever they so choose.


15. I r walruff

Jk lol, pets, plz. I r totes adorbs.

I look like Walrus? But I AM DOG. I Big Sof FLOOF. NO WALRUS. BAMBOOZLED

This is why we have dogs. Our space is their space and we can’t deny even the biggest of good pups a lap to snuggs upon.

If you have a big dog, small dog, medium dog, fat dog, skinny dog, ANY dog share with us in the comments. We’re a sucker for an engaging “tail”. Ayyy!