If you’ve ever had a friend or family member who has struggled with drug addiction, you know that it is a truly terrible experience that affects not only the addict but all the people close to them.

The good news is some people can overcome their addictions and turn their lives around.

Which is exactly what these people did. I think these powerful photos will surprise you.

1. Look at the difference!


2. She’s now glowing!

3. This is insane!


4. Wasn’t supposed to make it!


5. Great job!

What 5 Years Clean From Heroin Looks Like.
byu/eimcee inpics

6. Anything is possible!


7. Overcame all of it!

This is me in Dec 1995. This is me in Dec 2017. I overcame addiction, homelessness, and a history of incarceration. Been sober 20 years next month.
byu/traceyh415 inpics

8. Stay clean!

As of today, I am 4 years clean from drugs. I have a career, a house, a dog, and a fiancé. It was a struggle but it is definitely worth it. Stay Strong!
byu/GrizzMcFzz inpics

9. From pain to joy!


10. Lucky to be here!


11. It’s a wonderful life!

My mugshot from two years ago following a massive PCP/benzo overdose and before homelessness and a trip to prison. I’m now two years sober, living a wonderful life and happier than I ever thought I’d be!
byu/outforchow inhappy

12. Don’t look back!


13. Keep it up!

6 years clean

14. A whole new person!

7 months alcohol and heroin free.
by inpics

15. A beautiful woman!


Those photos are very painful but they are a powerful reminder of how easy it is for everyday people to get hooked on drugs.

Kudos to all of these folks for kicking their habits, because it is a very difficult thing to do!