If you haven’t been looking at cute animal memes lately, you haven’t been living. But never fret! We can fix that easily. We got all the memes you need.

Prepare to aww and d’aww at theses thoroughly memeable critters.

15. The lamb what am

My toofs are the goodest now.

14. On a roll

These are totally gonna be my new profile.

13. Flap’n’yap

I…I want one. Where do I get one, please?

12. Hi-ya!

That THAT, and THAT, and just for good measure, take one of THESE!

11. Earn your spots

That is one heck of a telescopic lens. Are you taking pictures of the moon?

10. He danger

Beware of dog. Be VERY ware of dog.

9. Make yourself at home

“Hey man, this is on you.”

8. The cutest stretch

That last panel is the international sign for “It is not time to be awake.”

7. Master class

A true grandmaster thinks ALL the moves ahead.

6. Let’s get this bread

One trash panda’s treasure is another man’s…wait…

5. The holy trinity

Behold them all, but do not touch.

4. Horse power?

If you’re cold, they’re cold. Bring them inside.

3. Hopping mad

Oh, cool, a new nightmare.

2. Chiming in

Yeah, if I could just sort of piggyback on what the dog was saying…

1. Existential crisis

I’m starting with the good boi in the mirror.

They’re so cute I could eat ’em up. Or just pet my screen. That’s normal, right?

What’s your favorite animal in the whole world?

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