Are you ready to meet a lovable pooch who takes rescue kitties under his wing and is really good at it!

Of course you are, this is the kind of content you came here to see today!

Raylan is a 9-year-old dog who has taken care of 60 foster cats in his day and his owners say that he’s a natural.

They said, “I found out he liked cats when we brought our first foster kitten home 6 years ago when Raylan was already 3 years old. He immediately just wanted to play with him and was so gentle and patient. Watson’s now our neighbour and they hang out frequently.”

Check out the photos and videos below and get to know this great pup!

1. Let’s have a pizza party!

I’d like to get in on this.


2. This looks like a good place to rest.

As good a place as any…


3. Alright, let’s get going!

Follow the leader.


4. Awwww! Very cute.

I can’t get enough of these videos.


5. Time to take a serious snooze.

Are you guys comfortable?


6. The litter’s all here!

They all seem to be getting along famously.


7. Cute as a button.

They’re all pretty good at getting along, aren’t they?


8. Like a little family.

Looks pretty perfect from here.


9. What do you guys want now?

Can’t I ever get a break?


10. Let’s all do a deeeeep stretch.

Ahhhh, that’s better.


11. Just lounging around the house.

Hey, let me get in on that!


12. Raylan is definitely a gentle giant.

I love this video!


I love this guy!

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