Tell yourself often that life is going to turn out okay, especially if you can’t even begin to think how. But, by making optimism and positive thinking a habit, you’ll see how a better attitude starts changing things. Keep hoping.

Oh, and here are 15 super-cute animal videos that will help.

1. Sandra washes her hands often. Sandra uses soapy water. Be like Sandra.

Sandra the Orangutan started washing her hands after observing her caretakers doing it
byu/Sumit316 inaww

2. “Pardon me. Coming through. Excuse me.”

Cat doing an obstacle course like it’s nothing
byu/Augerbine_Man inaww

3. “Whatcha doin’?”

Working from home is gonna be tough…
byu/Sir_upvotesalot inaww

4. “I’m so tired of home-schooling.”

Mother cat carrying a kitten up a slide while another one slides down. (Not my video)
byu/iwantmoreorenges inaww

5. “Daaaaaad. I want to go back to the paaarrrk.”

Dog doesn’t want to go home, wants to go back to the park
byu/winkysocks21 inaww

6. Like a Kardashian, he’s so photogenic.

Here’s a selfie of my longhaired german shepherd and me to brighten your day!
byu/DrunkOnSocks inaww

7. “Read it to me again!”

Tell me more about the three little pugs!
byu/winkysocks21 inaww

8. This is really sweet.

This tiger loving on this future mom’s belly
byu/isyourthrowawayacct inaww

9. Oh, snap!

the ambush !
byu/ImaginaryCheetah inaww

10. Babies and puppies. How do you even deal?

All snuggled up with the Wookiee
byu/Thund3rbolt inaww

11. Well, hello, there gorgeous.

My neighbour’s dog peaking through the fence to say hello
byu/Gnaxera inaww

12. Boop on the nose.

When your crush kisses you
byu/Loud_Dre4mer inaww

13. We otter be friends, don’t you think?

Dog becomes friends with a river otter while out on a walk
byu/mtlgrems inaww

14. Every puppy should come with their own G0Pro.

Always leave your GoPro(s) lying so that we can enjoy these funny videos.
byu/anshumankr001 inaww

15. A beautiful calico rainbow.

Cat bathed in light from stained glass window
byu/My_Memes_Will_Cure_U inaww

Life is short, so do the things that make you happy. Call your friends and wave at your neighbors. Tell everyone you know how you feel about them (only if you like them)!

And, I hope these wholesome animal pics and videos remind you that you don’t have to look very hard to find the good in each day–you just have to look.

Do you have anything wholesome you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!