Ahhhh, the good old day. When the term “helicopter parents” didn’t yet exist and kids could be kids. I remember being able to run wild as a kid in the woods and through the neighborhood as long as I was home by dinner.

Did kids get shot with BB guns? Sure! Did someone fall off scaffolding at a construction site once in a while? You bet! But it was in all good fun.

I have a sneaking suspicion that 99% of parents today are not down being so, shall we say, “carefree” with their methods.

These photos will remind you of the good old days when parenting was a little more dangerous.

1. Dangerous playgrounds were all the rage

2. Craziness

3. Choking hazard


4. So much fun

5. Ridin’ dirty

6. The hammer game sounds fun



7. A classic


8. Oh yeah!

9. Sums up my childhood


10. Hang on tight!

11. Could you pull it off?

12. This didn’t always end well

13. WTF?

14. Duck or die!

15. The best!

Let’s go back to those days ASAP!

Well, at least some of them…