Dogs. What more do I need to say, really? They’re just the best. They can’t be beat in any category.

That’s why memes about dogs are guaranteed to make you smile. Like, 100%. I mean, just look at these cuties!

15. The spitting image

I never know’d I could be so good to me.

14. Revenge of the sea

That’s it, the entire planet is my enemy now.

13. Foul language

Things are about to get a little hot around the collar.

12. Moohorse

Can I keep him? I promise I’ll take him for walks every day.

11. Leave your mark

It’s a simple system but hey, it works.

10. Be where?

The dogs would just like you to know that they are here.

9. The great juxtaposition

You don’t have to be big to talk big.

8. A-door-able

I see what you did there, and so do the puppers.

7. Endless joy

Oh hooray it’s this again!

6. Raising awareness

I seriously need to know if the dog himself put the sign up.

5. Running on empty

Don’t worry, it’ll be all white.

4. Cheese please?

Sure would be a shame if you dropped it.

3. Do it yourself

Little help here, hooman?

2. Test results

He’s having a bit of a rough time, leave him be.

1. The bequeathment

Never have I felt so honored in all my doggy days.

I have an absolutely insatiable need to go pet my dog now so if anybody needs me, that’s where I’ll be for the next several hours.

What’s the best thing about doggos in your opinion?

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