Elizabeth Taylor once said “Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.”

Personally, I don’t have a lot of experience with horses, but I can see how dogs would be preferable to most dudes.

Because dogs are amazing, as these memes will attest.

15. Paws off

I am the chosen one and you shall not intervene.

14. Holding steady

My whole life is built around this heckin’ good boi.

13. All the right words

I never thought of it this way, and now I’m having an existential crisis.

12. Heaven can wait

We don’t deserve dogs.

11. The inner circle

Note how 2020 is left blank.

10. Simple solutions

We have a lot to learn from the canines.

9. Ride or die

He’s bad to the bone.

8. That bites

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

7. Paws for reflection

None of us stand a chance against this.

6. Glorious food

You try eating the same thing every day and see how YOU like it.

5. Vet your response

I see right through your deception, Kevin.

4. Sniff ’em out

You’ve got a lot of explaining to do.

3. High praise

You are at least ten thousand candles in the wind.

2. On a roll

Dream on, pupper. These delicacies are all for me.

1. A girl’s best friend

If I had a genie it would be my very first wish, no question.

Here’s to dogs – may we some day deserve them.

What’s your doggo like?

Tell us all about them in the comments.