You’ve seen this before: totally tuckered out pooches that are so exhausted they just fall asleep anywhere. And I do mean anywhere.

It’s hysterical, endearing, and you know you’ll chuckle just by looking at them.

Give these dogs a break! They’re pooped and they can’t play anymore!

1. He’s really giving it his all though, isn’t he?

My dog can’t get gravity right
byu/soniakaponia inAnimalsBeingDerps

2. Perhaps he’s practicing new yoga poses?

Want to know what? I’m done trying to figure you out…
byu/atrimarco inWhatsWrongWithYourDog

3. About as content as a creature can be.

PsBattle: This dog sleeping happily.
byu/recreationAtion inphotoshopbattles

4. Get those paws all nice and toasty before you call it a night.

Puppy warming its paws
byu/formight inaww

5. Well, she kind of paid attention…

We told our dog she couldn’t sleep up on the couch
byu/blacksunrize inaww

6. Giving new definition to the term “lazy Sunday”.

This guy chillin with his dog in London
byu/Guygan infunny

7. Now that is a perfect snapshot.

When your dog park experience exceeds expectations…

8. Bucked teeth and all stickin’ out.

byu/smilkcake inWhatsWrongWithYourDog

9. All twisted up like Houdini.

In case you need something to brighten your day, here’s a picture of my dog sleeping 🙂
byu/cadencecleo inaww

10. This might be the best of the bunch, don’t you think?

My buddies dog sleeping on the Mule steering wheel..
byu/highimallaudin inaww

11. Get comfortable: you aren’t going anywhere for quite a while.

Hyperlaxity power enabled

12. I think it’s safe to say this pooch is DONE.

Is that comfortable..?
byu/vividlee infunny

13. Are you sure he didn’t take a nasty spill down the stairs?

This is what naptime looks like in our house.
byu/doctordrayday inWhatsWrongWithYourDog

14. All smushed up and nowhere to go.

his reflection is the greatest
byu/floydthebarb3r inAnimalsBeingDerps

15. Doing the downward facing dog and sawing logs.

He was snoring too…
byu/EnglishLFC inWhatsWrongWithYourDog

Okay, I need to go back to the top and look through those pics again.

Okay, I just did that and now I’m back. Gotta do that again.

Okay, now I want to hear from you! Which were your faves? Let us know in those comments!