Poor pups. I wonder just what the heck the story behind some of these photos?

Dogs are curious by nature, so you know they end up in a lot of funny positions…and you know sometimes they can’t get themselves out of them unless they get a helping hand.

Take a look at these 15 hilarious photos of dogs that are just a tad bit confused about their current situations.

1. Where to go from here?

They just keep getting stuck. But it’s fine.
byu/rigel2112 inDWASBPEIF

2. Okay, what’s going on here?

“…I can see my house from here!”
byu/TheFlyingPigSquadron infunny

3. Now you’re stuck like that forever.

Oh look a quarter
byu/gloweblue infunny

4. Don’t go near the cat tube.


5. Had a little too much to drink.

No need to wine. Everything is ok.
byu/rigel2112 inDWASBPEIF

6. That’s putting it lightly.

“I fucked up you guys, i fucked up”
byu/coxeyyy infunny

7. Trapped…maybe forever.

Derp in a swing.
by inaww

8. A greasy lunch was the culprit.


9. Was it worth it?

PsBattle: a dog with a box on its head
byu/_ShowMeYourKitties_ inphotoshopbattles

10. Chewed right through it.

My friends dog got his toy stuck on his nose.
byu/m3galoman1ac inaww

11. It looks like a huge piece of bread.

Found my dog like this, She ate through her bed and got herself caught.
byu/TheTrueMuffinMan infunny

12. Now what, Dad?

This is so cute
byu/GoncaloMoura inaww

13. Go water the plants.

14. That didn’t take long.

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15. Let’s play a game.

PsBattle: Dog poorly playing hide and seek, but loving it.
byu/DontFearZombies inphotoshopbattles

Well, let’s hope someone (or another dog) came to their rescue eventually.

Do you have any hilarious/pitiful pics of your pooch in a precarious position?

Share them in the comments!