Comedian Kevin McCaffery posted on Twitter recently about a time he was fired from a well-known Italian eatery for requesting time off because his grandmother had just passed.

However, his boss told him that he needed him “for just one shift” that day despite the circumstances. Needless to say, Kevin was a little taken aback by such a response.

Here’s that tweet…

I suppose it must also be mentioned that he was lying about the whole thing–his grandmother was alive and well–but an instance such as this can expose how bosses, managers, and even coworkers can sometimes be a bit unsympathetic to personal needs or general health and well-being.

As you will see below.

1. Civic Duty.

I’ve cried to get out of jury duty before, but this on another level.

2. They call me Dr. Manager.

You’ve got a fever and the only cure is more breadsticks.

3. They call me Dr. Doctor…

Because I’m an actual doctor. We’re done with the breadstick, thanks.

4. On the opposite end of the spectrum.

Thanks? I really just need the day.

5. Love is blind.

But the shift manager can clearly see you’re not here for the 3-11.

6. Kindness goes a long way.

Until lunch. Then it stops.

7. I wonder what he said?

I have nothing quippy for this one. I genuinely wonder what was said.

8. Rhetorical questions go brrr.


9. Hey.

You okay?

10. This one time at band camp.

I stood up for myself because it’s important to not let people walk all over me.

11. Excuse me…

…the bacon has an unfamiliar pine-fresh aftertaste, and is it always this grainy?

12. This one hurts.

Like, really?

13. I call bull.

Always take care of yourself.

14. Honesty is the best policy?

Although, in the age of COVID-19 this wouldn’t settle quite so well.

15. You’re our second-best candidate!

Congratulations! We’ll call you? Maybe?

Work can be overrated. So rate yourself higher.

Do you have any I-need-a-day-off horror stories? Let us know in the comments below. We promise there won’t be a write-up.