You gotta love these dads and all dads for that matter. They’re really trying their best…even when they kind of embarrass themselves with major fails such as these.

Let’s give them a break, okay? And let’s give them an A for effort.

But let’s also laugh at them, because this is some of the most hilariously typical dad behavior on the planet.

Do any of these incidents look familiar to you?

1. Sorry about that.

Actually, not sorry. I kid.


2. Is this a fail? Or is this just being smart?

I like the thinking here, though!

The only way my 3 day-old daughter would fall asleep. After two hours of carrying her around I got hungry.
byu/2nie inpics

3. The great popcorn disaster.

That’s a disaster I can get behind!


4. How did it taste, though?

Mmmm… just like the onion demon used to make!


5. Something’s a little off here…

Is there a thing as TOO much care?


6. That’s not good…

Oh no… that’s not good!


7. Hahahaha. I love this!

You know, when the opportunity comes…


8. Might be time to do laundry.

Or, you know, pay attention to your damn kid.


9. Let me see the pen.

Yep, looks just like a sports mistake. I knew it!

10. We don’t need a trash bag.

We’ve got… whatever the f**k this is!


11. Of course I did. What a silly question.

He’s not wrong. He’s also not right.

12. I don’t think they’re gonna like that.

But hey… why not try it out and see what happens?


Some major dad fails right there. You almost feel sorry for the fellas.

But that’s what dads do! They’re unintentionally hilarious!

Keep up the good work, all the papas out there!