What is it about the calendar flipping over to November 1 that makes everyone totally change their routines and their personalities?

I guess it’s because the excitement of Halloween is over and now everyone settles in for the cold weather, the holidays, and the endless family debates that you know your gonna have for the next two months.

And of course, there are the legions of people who start celebrating Christmas on November 1 to contend with.

So here’s a little taste of what the next two months of your life might look like.

1. It’s here!


2. Okay, time to move on!


3. Doesn’t that look wholesome?

4. Could be a fight brewing…


5. Dwight knows what’s up.

6. That was fast.

7. An immediate role reversal.


8. An immediate turnaround.


9. Forget about Thanksgiving.

10. She clearly is not a fan…oh, wait…

11. WOW, look at that…

12. Halloween immediately into Christmas.


13. Gotta love Jamie Lee Curtis.

14. Can we at least wait a few weeks…?


15. Never too early for some folks.

How will you be celebrating this holiday season???

Whichever way you do choose to ring in the season… Happy Holidays from all of us!