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Welp, add swimming with otters to the list of things I (and you) need to check out in the very near future!

The Barn Hill Preserve in Ethel, Louisiana, allows guests over the age of 16 to meet these cuddly friends, after they sign a waiver, of course! The experience at the animal preserve also includes a tour of the grounds which includes kangaroos and sloths!

The number of otter swims is limited so the experience can still be fun for the little creatures. Take a look at these photos and tell me you don’t want to get in on this action.

1. She looks like she’s having a blast.

2. Some underwater footage.

3. Fun in the sun.

4. The littlest otter of the bunch.

5. Yes, I would like to swim with you!

6. All the way from New York.

7. Chillin’ poolside.

Otter swims are now open for November. Click Book Now on our Facebook page to book (there are a very limited number of…

Posted by Barn Hill Preserve on Monday, October 21, 2019

8. Too cool for school…in the pool.

Posted by Barn Hill Preserve on Thursday, July 18, 2019

9. Made some new friends.

Posted by Barn Hill Preserve on Thursday, July 18, 2019

10. They sure do look snuggly…

You really “otter” visit June otter swim/encounter tours are filling up quickly! Click book now to book one of our unique hands on experiences.

Posted by Barn Hill Preserve on Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Now that is a great time!

OMG… it might be time for a road trip down to Louisiana…just sayin’…