After all the weddings are out of the way, next are The Baby Showers! Turns out, little babies need even more things than couples about to be married.

And, just like wedding showers, baby showers are bursting with weird happenings. So, if you’re finding yourself drowning in a sea of baby shower registries and needing a laugh, scroll through these hilarious tweets about this time-honored, gift-giving tradition.

1. Baby showers can get loud.

2. Practical gifts are the best.

3. Precious.

4. We drink at noon!

5. Sit back, relax and balance cake on your belly.

6. And chicken nuggets?

7. It’s cute all new moms think this.

8. You will never have enough poster board.

9. Say, what’s in this punch?

10. Remembering Diaper Genie.

11. You’re welcome.

12. Toddlers are rude.

13. And you will start getting coupons in the mail.

14. I used to keep tape and scissors in the glove box.

15. Meanwhile, in Colorado.

Whether you love going or dread them, baby showers are usually fun once you get there. Day-drinking is expected and a pregnant person has a say in the menu so chicken wings are likely.

So, support your new mom friends, play the games and squeal at all the cute baby clothes.

Also, consider throwing away the registry and buying the spa gift certificate. That’s the gift they will really love you for.