Some of the most stressful and rewarding careers can be found in the field of healthcare. Many tasked with providing round the clock care for the sick and dying do it because they have a heart for compassion.

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Nursing assistant at Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Indiana, Sandra Kluskowski, knew one of her patients was in his final hours. Feeling emotional at the loss before her, she took a few moments to write down her thoughts in an expressive letter.

She wrote:

Did you know I was there?

The doctor would soon say ‘we have done all that we can do.’ If only you could have heard my thoughts. I’ve only known you since this morning but I didn’t want you to go. Your family knew this was coming. It still didn’t make it easier on them. Sobs and tears filled your room but the machines could be heard in the background reminding us all that they were keeping the little life that was in you going.

Did you hear me ask your loved ones if they needed anything?

I just wanted to help in any way that I could.

In tears, she drove home where she showed her letter to her husband Paul. He encouraged her to share her poignant words on Facebook. After some thought, she decided to do it.

She had no idea how many people she would touch.

Her letter was shared 19,000 times. Thousands commented they’ve felt the same way as they’ve watched someone they love slip from this life.

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She told Good Morning America,

“My heart hurts over the loss of someone’s loved ones.

I wish that I could take that pain from them but I don’t have that ability; all I have is myself in which I try to do what I can when it comes to providing the care they need before and after death.”

The comments were beautiful…

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Truly touching…

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That’s the space compassion fills and that’s why healthcare professionals like Kluskowski are so precious.

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