If you’ve ever had a job where you have to work with the public on a daily basis, you know it can be soul-sucking in a major way. Dealing with those customers gets REALLY OLD, REALLY FAST.

Most people are pretty nice, but there are also those folks who seem to live to make your life miserable.

Either way, customer service jobs are a major grind and can lead to some brain drain. And these tweets sum it up.

1. Did that make sense?


2. Speaking the truth, right there.

3. Yeah, thanks a lot!


4. You’ll never forget those days.


5. Well, I’m not here by choice.


6. I’m mopping for fun.

7. Maybe it’s not that kind.


8. Why is it always that way?

9. You might need a vacation.

10. What do you want me to do about it?

11. Laughing for dollars.

12. Hahahaha, hey o!

13. Just doing this on a volunteer basis.

14. Am I allowed to have a bathroom break?

15. The door is over there.

Did those tweets look familiar? They sure did for me.

Share your customer service nightmare and horror stories with us in the comments, please!