Marriage is a give-and-take endeavor that is filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and valleys…

And, apparently, a whole lot of stupidity coming from the men in these relationships. Or maybe we could categorize it as “annoyances.”

Either way, the point is that most guys out there should consider themselves very lucky to have a wife that doesn’t kick them out in the street because of the way they act. Hey, I’m just speaking the truth, here.

Let’s take a look at some funny tweets from husbands who I think are probably driving their wives a little insane…

1. Here’s the evidence…

She better have a good comeback for this.

2. This marriage is now over.

But that joke was totally worth it.

3. Oh, way to go!

I’m sure she really appreciates that.

4. Oh, there is…believe me…

There’s a wrong way to do EVERYTHING. You’ll learn.

5. There’s a whole system in place.

And you better not screw it up!


6. That is HOT.

I’m sure she was very impressed.

7. Oh…sure, no problem.

This spark IS gone.

8. Let’s go to slide #32.

It was a three-hour presentation.

9. You know who’s in charge.

Don’t question her authority.

10. You’re starting to learn…

You are becoming wise, friend.

11. Maybe she’s trying to tell you something.

Through texting, I mean…

12. She’s doing research.

Watch your back, buddy.

13. Stuck in the middle.

This is a genuine crisis.

14. There’s no escape.

Haven’t you learned that by now?

15. I’m sure she’s a big fan of this.

I told you not to do that again!

Now we want to hear from you!

Has your husband done anything particularly ridiculous or dumb lately?

Or maybe YOU’RE the husband who’s been doing some stupid things?

Either way, talk to us in the comments and give us a good laugh!

We look forward to hearing from you!