Marriage is tough, right?

There are a lot of compromises to be made, a lot of back-and-forth battles…and, if we’re being totally honest, a lot of stupidity and bone-headed moves by the men in these relationships.

Hey, it is what it is, right?

Men are kind of dummies…and this is coming from a member of the male tribe…I think I know my own people pretty well.

So here’s a set of hilarious tweets that the men AND the ladies will enjoy thoroughly.

Because they are right on the money as far as how clueless, funny, and straight-up DUMB men can be sometimes.

Let’s take a look.

1. This is gonna be awesome!

Don’t tell me you’re not really into this!

2. I was supposed to know this?

What the heck is going on around here?

3. Not what she was expecting.

Your marriage sounds very spicy.

4. Don’t mess with her like that.

He’s not giving up this power.

5. It’s best to be prepared.

Don’t you think so?


6. Feed me!

You must be driving her nuts.

7. Don’t do it!

Never! Ever!

8. Just nod your head and agree.

Don’t question her in these areas…

9. A game of Chicken.

It’s a very tense stand-off.

10. How does she do it?

You eat all of it, don’t you?

11. Whew! That was close!

You don’t want to go there.

12. Honey, I got 50 bags of Doritos!

And I lost the receipt!

13. The thrill is gone.

Shot down again.

Okay, now we want to hear from the guys and the gals in the comments.

Guys: if you’ve been an annoying or just a plain dumb husband lately, tell us all about it (and hope that she forgives you).

Ladies: if your husband has been driving you crazy lately and has been kind of a dummy, we want to hear your side of the story.

We can’t wait to hear from you!