There’s no doubt about it: teachers have a tough job. They put up with a ton of BS and I think we can all agree that they don’t get paid nearly enough money.

My sister and one of my best friends are teachers so I get a pretty regular dose of all the trials and tribulations of being a teacher in today’s day and age.

Here are 15 hilarious tweets from teachers that will make you sympathize with them even more.

1. Here comes a meltdown.

2. Better take advantage of that break.

3. Gee, thanks.

4. Now why did you do that?

5. No alone time.

6. Now you’re in trouble.


7. Yeah, look at this awesome weekend.

8. Uh oh…

9. They need some support.

10. Mostly disbelief.

11. Sounds hot.

12. They can’t help themselves.

13. That last one is a doozy.

14. Why, thank you!

15. Flying high on energy drinks.


Are you a teacher? If so, were these tweets on-point, or what?

Tell us about some of your funny teaching experiences in the comments! Let’s compare notes in the comments!