Simon Beck is a true artist. He doesn’t work with paint or clay, but instead, Beck uses only his feet to create “snow art” that you have to see to believe.

Beck has been called the world’s first snow artist. He previously worked as a cartographer and has always enjoyed drawing different shapes. He decided to turn that interest into a hobby that has become world-renowned for his amazing work.

Beck walks for hours and hours in the snow to create unique patterns all over the world. It’s almost impossible to conceive that he can pull off these pieces with just his feet!

Let’s look at 10 of Beck’s incredible creations.

1. A ski resort in France.


2. This one is really nice.


3. Beautiful.


4. Look at the detail.


5. Beck with one of his pieces of art.


6. A perfect winter landscape.


7. Here’s a close-up.


8. A maple leaf in Canada.


9. He can do sand, too!


10. Time-lapse in Minnesota.

I am genuinely in awe. Wow.

Have you done anything fun or creative with the snow so far this year? Maybe you and your kiddos made a cool snowman or another kind of sculpture?

Share some pics of your creations in the comments!