There are people who just need a little help, and then there are people ready to make the craziest demands and not blink an eye when you react accordingly.

If you’d like to know where to find such people, look no further than the internet.

Cause they’re everywhere, like in these screenshots.

15. Marilyn Manson

Knowing what we know now, probably nobody should go to a Manson concert, much less a little kid.

14. Dying from exposure

Ah yes, the ever-perfect spite art.

13. Does it feel good?

“You’re ruining my child’s life” is a shockingly common tactic among internet low-ballers trying to get stuff they don’t need for cheap.

12. Negotiating backwards

“What do you mean a better thing costs more?”

11. All that glitters

For context, you can get a very nice brand new riding mower for less than 2k.

10. Complaining about free beer

I mean, can you honestly even imagine?

9. The panhandler

To be fair, $10/hour doesn’t go super far these days.

8. Where you from mamas?

This whole phenomenon is weird.

7. Freedom isn’t free

Imagine asking for a better deal than a free thing.

6. Don’t be greedy

Unless you have a hitherto undiscovered medical condition that requires you to play GTA V to live, shush.

5. Needless violens

Why do you need two?

4. Trending down

For the uninitiated, this is not how you negotiate a price.
Once you’ve set a floor, you can’t go lower.

3. 30-200

You can get a perfectly functional if unimpressive android phone for like $50 new.

2. Korean BBQ

Man, you sound like you’d be really fun to date.

1. Group hopping

If you never had to deal with this person in your group, you WERE this person in your group.

I need a moment to calm down from all the audacity.

What’s the most auditious demand you’ve witnessed lately?

Tell us in the comments.