Babysitting is one of the first jobs people usually have, and it’s generally pretty easy, but one ad spotted by Redditors revealed what some would call a “Momzilla.”

This post was shared in the site’s “Choosing Beggars” community, which focuses on people who offer too little for way too much.

This mom’s ad requested that the babysitter feed her kids with “vegan, organic” food the babysitter purchased themselves. Not only that, but the babysitter also is not allowed to do anything they usually do in that position—namely study, watch TV or mess around on the Internet, even when the kids are asleep.

Of course, the pay for this wonderful job is pretty meager.

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This mom wants the babysitter to work for almost 12 hours a day. If it were two or three a week, it might be worth it, but the other caveats are still far too ridiculous to consider. Why can’t this mom feed her own kids?

Other Redditors thought so too and said as much.

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One suggested that the post had to be a joke.

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Another, who lived in the area, doubted it.

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Some parents revealed what they offered their babysitters in comparison.

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The best comment, though, is this one…

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Nailed it!

Others said that “you get what you pay for,” which could be a potentially dangerous situation as far as babysitting is concerned.

We can’t imagine that this woefully tone-deaf mom got the help that she needed, and if she did get help, we hope she relented on a few of her must have’s.

If you’ve ever babysat, let us know how you fared with Momzillas in your life.

If you’re a parent, let us know what you expect from babysitters in the comments below!