If you spend a lot of time around kids, either as a parent, an uncle, a babysitter, etc., you know that they say and do hilarious and ridiculous things pretty much constantly.

So let’s cut to the chase: here are 15 of the most hilarious things that kids said out loud this past year. Lucky for us, adults decided to share these exchanges on social media.


1. You just can’t win…

He could have just made up somebody, though, right?


2. A very smart move.

Try it out kid, and see if it works!

3. Sure you didn’t…

Now it’s time to play that fun game: find the pee puddle!

4. He nailed it!

Now… about that body…


5. I would be upset, too…

Because I have no idea what that even is if it’s NOT a potato wearing a jacket.


6. The bigger, the better.

I said VERY LARGE, sir! Chop chop, I haven’t all day.

7. That is brilliant.

The future is bright… and Scottish, apparently.

8. And that’s how you become less dumb.

Kid… did you really think those were the same people?


9. Every parent should know this.

When you give them skin in the game… things work themselves out!

10. A power struggle.

But yes… time to buy more condoms. Pronto.

11. This isn’t a good development.


12. Back in the old days.

We even had sound!

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. Is she right, though?

He’s kind of holier than thou…

Photo Credit: Twitter

14. The bottle of bleach knows all.

It can stare into your soul, kid!

Photo Credit: Twitter

Kids just say the darnedest things, don’t they…? Little angels!

What are your faves from this list? Share them in the comments!