It can sometimes seem as if nothing is going our way these days. Prices are going up, people are divided, and it seems as if the hill to achieve meaningful change is way too high to ever crest.

If you’re feeling that way, well…this list isn’t going to make you feel any better.

Because these 15 pictures definitely prove that even though we’re paying more at the checkout, the products we’re buying aren’t following the same trend.

15. And they’re never really full anyway.

I wonder how many chips lost that translates to.

Pringles shrinkflation. Left is 200g, middle is 180g, right is 165g
byu/coolercreeper inshrinkflation

14. I guess they think families are getting smaller, too.

Heck, maybe they are.

[deleted by user]
by inshrinkflation

13. They’re saving on plastic packaging.

So I guess that’s something.

Dove Tip to Toe Wash. Same price, 35% less product.
byu/realslizzard inshrinkflation

12. But the bottle has gotten taller.

Sneaky, sneaky.

Simply Lemonade (and many other juices) have gone from 64oz to 59oz to 52oz over the years while the price has remained the same or increased.
byu/jaba1337 inshrinkflation

11. It’s now even TASTIER though.

I’m not sure how they quantify that.

14oz to 12oz
byu/Jamgood inshrinkflation

10. I never would have checked my bar of soap.

It seems to last so long, still!

Dove Soap Shrinks Again!
byu/rosedread0 inshrinkflation

9. They’re too cheap to change the lids.

That checks out.

On the left, purchased last month 11.3oz for $4.98. On the right, purchased yesterday 9.6oz for $5.32. And the lid doesn’t fit properly on the new can, it won’t stay on.
byu/BennySmudge inshrinkflation

8. Maybe they do less harm to the environment.

That’s probably too much to ask for, though.

New bounty paper towel on the left, old bounty on the right. Both packs bought at Costco. Width is smaller & the towel itself is thinner.
byu/skittleALY inshrinkflation

7. Are they calling both things a pint?

Because that doesn’t seem right.

New (414mL) and old (500mL). Same price
byu/babatofu inshrinkflation

6. They want you to believe it’s more concentrated now.

I don’t think that’s really true, though.

It’s happening to everything and you have to read the fine print
byu/bmblb23 inshrinkflation

5. Think of all the missing cookies!

This is a true tragedy of the first world kind.

Old family size 17.2 oz / New size only 14.6 for the same price!
byu/Beetlemuse inshrinkflation

4. I’m sure that adds up.

And decreases the flavor just a little bit.

The eight-year old recipe I’m using calls for “15 oz. can of stewed tomatoes”. All the cans are now 14.5 oz.
byu/a-horse-has-no-name inshrinkflation

3. The new label is easier to read.

Yay, marketing?

Bought a bottle of Febreze for the first time in a few years, still had the old bottle. New one is 37.5% smaller.
byu/quiet_desperado inshrinkflation

2. That’s actually a lot.

I bet there are fewer spoiled cats out there.

Cat food. Was $55 for 24, 5.8 oz cans. Now $62 for 24, 5.1 oz cans. That’s .7 oz. less per can, and $7 more per case.
byu/Sailing_Duck inshrinkflation

1. They’ll probably try to convince us they’re easier to store.

For that price, I’d rather have the extra 4 bags.

Noticed this jewel when restocking my shelves…
byu/tortugavelozzzz inshrinkflation


Now I’m just kind of mad and broke. You?

What do you think could be done about this? Anything? Let’s pretend like we can fix it in the comments!