Kids today, I’ll tell ya…sometimes they’re a little too smart for their own good.

And that’s especially true for these 15 youngsters.

Pay attention to these little ones…they might be your boss someday!

1. Nailed it


3. What year is it?

4. Pretty smart

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So I confiscated the remote control, put it on top of the fridge, told my kids (5 & 3 yo) to “go play” and went to take a shower. A few mins later, I come back and see this 🤯😱🤔🤭🙃🤦‍♀️. My first thought is “wow what a mom fail 🤦‍♀️ ”. My second thought remarkably goes back to my beloved professor @crowleyslp: “at least they have good critical thinking skills” 😂. And yes that green thing is a grabber because I’m so short. #momlife #momfail #momoftwo #slpmom #shortmomproblems #canteventakeashower #criticalthinkingskills #problemsolvingkids #tccolumbiauniversity #knowyourcriticalquestions #assessmentclasscolumbia

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5. Hahaha

6. I don’t want to see you

7. Sounds like a plan

8. They must know

9. Awwwww

10. Joke’s on you

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I took the kids to sonic for a milkshake because they have played good together today and I THOUGHT they ate all of their lunch… I should've known better!! #outsmartedbymykids

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11. Cute kid

12. That’s what I’m doing

13. Genius

14. Whoa!

15. You did say “one cookie”

Are these kids smart?

Or just smartasses…?