Oh thank god you’re here! Finally! What did you, sleep in again? Nevermind, I don’t care, just give me a hand here will ya?

We’re way understaffed and I’m totally in the weeds. We’ve got a fifteen-top of memes here and I literally can’t take on anything else right now.

Could you just pop over and look at these for a second while I go have a smoke? I swear I’m gonna scream if I can’t step out of here for a minute. Thanks, you’re the best, enjoy these memes.

15. That closer

Come a little bit closer to me now.

14. Locker room talk

If we’ve learned one thing it’s that as a nation, we don’t care.

13. The beatdown

It’s no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy.

12. The classic conundrum

This problem would be solved if someone would finally just install a money shower in my house.

11. Just a sec

Oh yeah, sure, I could definitely wash some dishes as soon as I’m done continually washing dishes from now unto eternity.

10. The rotation

They say many have gone mad this way.

9. Send in the clowns

BOY do we ever live in a society.

8. The special touch

I just came in for a little something sweet.

7. Shifting perspectives

He scream.

6. Front to back

It’s all fun and games until it isn’t anymore.

5. Curses!

It’s a cold comfort, so to speak.

4. Clicky click

We’ll all float down here.

3. Duke it out

There can be only one!

2. The waiting is the hardest part

Especially when you’re really, really dumb.

1. Smoke weeds

I guess that’s true?

Ok, thanks for that. I’m gonna go home now.

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