If you’re looking to add a few new memes to your collection, you’ve come to the right place. I mean, you were already on the internet, so cheers for being in the correct neighborhood generally but then to specifically make your way to this page? That’s some dank driving, my friend.

No particular theme to these memes, other than being the fulfillment of your dreams. Just take ’em in. Nourish them. Frame them. Save them for posterity, and enjoy.

15. It’s in the game

Atari 2600 cartridges were 4kb. That’s about the amount of memory it takes to store 2 pages of plain text on a modern system.

14. You have hair

At the time of writing Dwayne The Rock Johnson is 49 years old.

13. I spy with my little eye

Hey man, that’s what you get.

12. Even the younglings

Man, prequel memes are just never going to go away.

11. The rebuttal

Gotta go fast.

10. Hubba hubba

Well, when you put it that way.

9. Hold on a minute

Whales evolved from land mammals which had previously evolved from sea creatures. Nature is wild.

8. The big fight

I think your daughter might be a little old for that?

7. The font

Microsoft Word was never good, but it was all we had.

6. The competition

Stakes are slightly different these days.

5. Gotta split

Wait, is that how it happened?

4. Gotta get there early

The rule is 1 hour domestic, 2 hours international. Don’t go sooner than that, you’ll end up buying a $15 gas station sandwich in the terminal.

3. Me

Uh oh, here comes dat party.

2. A pirate’s life for me

You leave me very little choice.

1. The relief

It’s really beyond words.

Dankest in all the land.

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