Men. What are they? Why are they? Is there anything we can do about it?

As a men myself, I can tell you that the answer to all of these questions is the heartiest shrug I can muster. We’re a mystery. We’re a marvel. We like to make dumb memes about ourselves. And that, perhaps, is our greatest achievement of all.

Here are just a few for the dudes.

15. Picture perfect

The breaking of this code has always been for emergencies only.

14. Cast me out

There are certain websites with share buttons and it’s just like…why.

13. Smile for the camera

It’s the look that keeps on giving.

12. The nose knows

It’s true. I don’t know why, but it’s true.

11. Armed and dangerous

Well, I can never use this again but I guess that’s the price I pay.

10. Finger on the pulse

What is this sign from originally? I’m so curious.

9. A n g e r y

Do not dare with your jests at this time, simpleton.

8. The technique

It’s your only saving grace sometimes.

7. Doo doo stains

There’s been a breach, gentlemen. This must be addressed at once.

6. Crushing it

Go go power rangers!

5. Oh, baby

If only for a moment, if only in my mind.

4. You feel me, brother?

I will never fully recover from this.

3. Compare and contrast

We really don’t have a lot of room to complain.

2. The resting spot

If you’re using this, you’ve had enough and it’s time to go home.

1. A sporting lad

Come check me out!

Until we meet again, dudes.

What’s your favorite place to find new memes?

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