Guys, just admit it

You don’t understand certain things about women…and you probably never will.

And these men were brave enough to go on the record and talk about it!

Check out what they had to say.

1. What’s going on here?

“Are you planting hair ties and bobby pins everywhere to mark your territory?

This actually came up in a previous relationship when my girlfriend (at the time) found a “foreign” bobby pin in one of the bathroom drawers, and freaked out about it until I casually explained that she is in fact not the first girlfriend I ever had and that I don’t go through and scrub every square inch of my apartment after a breakup.”

2. Please explain…

“Why are women clothing sizes all over the place?

One store a size 4 could be a 9 at a different store.”

3. A big mystery.

“Why are their pockets so small?

Who started this?”

4. Hello?

“Starting a conversation, then continuing the conversation after walking into another room where you can’t be heard.”

5. I’m not following you…

“How a woman can instantly tap into the rage (with 0 energy loss) they experienced from an argument we had 2 years ago, and I don’t even remember it happening.”

6. Scary stuff…

“Why the f**k you would ever want to be pregnant. I watched my wife push out two kids with no drugs, and y’all have my undying respect.

No way I’d do that. Courage is defined as a woman who intentionally get pregnant, knowing what that actually entails and all the terrifying risks associated with it.

Hats off y’all.”

7. LOL.

“Where do you want to eat?!

For real!”

8. Waste of time.

“Toxic Positivity.

Why are you always hang around people you don’t like and pretend to be nice to them?”

9. We’re disgusting.

“How they can look at men and find them attractive.

I’m an overweight turd and somehow I’ve managed to find one that finds me attractive.”

10. Keep it private.

“Why many of them feel the need to discuss very intimate details of our s** lived with their friends…”

11. Confusing.

“The signals they give to men to show they like them or are interested, they are confusing and most of the time can not be noticed or even interpreted as signals.”

12. Baffling.

“I will never understand how women are so soft, smooth and wonderful to touch. It feels like men have scales for skin in comparison. We just wanna hug the squishy and never let go.

But please be better at signaling both interest and disinterest, I think many guys fall into the wrong pitfalls too often without proper information.”

13. At the last minute.


I get doing a pick up and making things look neat, but it’s always a hour before company comes over and I’m having to deep clean the whole house.”

14. This place is a mess.

“How my wife can use three spatulas, two frying pans, eight spoons, and turn our kitchen into a military mess hall to make a freakin’ grill cheese sandwich.

Oh, and be sure to leave that wet, balled up dish rag in the sink.”

15. Betrayed.

“This is not cool.

My GF casually let slip that she showed her friend (that she hadn’t seen in years) my d**k pic and I was genuinely shocked and felt kinda betrayed. I honestly didn’t even know how to address it so I just shut up.”

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