I genuinely have no idea what the rules and protocols are for posting things on the internet. It seems like pretty much anything goes. Just be careful that the wrong people don’t catch wind of it.

You can definitely find a wide array of strangely honest takes if you spend any time at all scrolling through Twitter.

Take these, for example.

15. The hotspot

Ah, that’s hot. That’s hot.


14. Real chemistry

It’s time to learn a textbook lesson.

13. The dip

It was pretty great.

12. Turning the tables

Hit ’em with that reverse card and watch the chaos ensue.

11. You got it

Hey, whatever you say chief.

10. To go where?

This is the way.


9. Ya filthy scab

“We actually have a whole system for taking care of this, but thanks I guess.” – your body


8. Body of evidence

You best do your research before you try to bring this kind of heat.


7. Very enlightening

I think there are very few lighthouses left in the world that actually require operators to live in them.
Which is kind of a bummer.

6. My emotions!

Wait, that’s illegal.

5. Credit where credit is due

Way to go, everybody!

4. More quieter


3. Think your thoughts

There aren’t a lot of options on the table.

2. Just cool it

I think your account might be frozen.

1. The rush

As someone who saves coffee for special occasions, can confirm.

I genuinely have no idea what we’re doing with this internet of ours but it sure is fun.

What weird confession would you like to broadcast to the world today?

Leave it in the comments.