I’m one of those guys who has a large drawer full of cables and adapters that I’ll almost certainly never need.

But every time I throw one out, or give it away, I end up looking for it a week later.

Which raises the question: is anything ever truly useless? How can you know?

What’s the most useless thing you’ve ever bought?
byu/EmploymentLonely2142 inAskReddit

These particular Reddit users didn’t have quite that kind of ambiguity about these purchases, though.

1. New tires

We put $1000 in tires on my wifes SUV. The next afternoon it was totaled. Insurance company said it wouldn’t change the payout so when I went to the towing yard to get her belongings out o the vehicle I took 4 junkyard tires and wheels with me. The towing company had already swapped them. Raised h**l with the towing company, they just laughed at me.

Called my agent who called the Sheriff. The towing company suddenly remembered where the tires were (on an employees truck) and said they would get them removed and bring them to me.

Before I could say a word my agent lit into them about theft, tire bead damage, illegal business practices, treadwear damage and anything else he could think of. Walked out of there with the full amount I had paid for the tires in cash.

– bluecheetos

2. My Steam library

I have over 1200 games and haven’t even installed (even once) about 75% of them. Of the installed ones (prior to an HD dying) I’ve played, in the last 10 years, probably around 100. Of these 100, probably less than 30 have any significant amount of time invested in them. Of these, about 10 are ones I feel like playing at any given time.

I’ve gotten better about sales and bundles but I still have my moments of weakness.

– Firebrand713

3. A pet door

We installed the flapping device in the door so the cat could go in and out at will.

Turns out our cat is “afraid” of it and won’t use the pet door, no matter what.

(There’s something about pushing his head against it to make it swing to and fro that scares him . . .)

– Back2Bach

4. Timeshare

A timeshare, beyond useless, yearly maintenance fees were higher than booking a regular hotel stay for the week.

I gave it back and didn’t get a dime in return for my initial “investment”

– bagging_salls

5. Didgeridoo

A large didgeridoo carved out of a tree limb that I bought when I was in Australia years ago.

I cannot play it, and on top of that, the resin mouthpiece/seal has gone missing. It basically sits there, collecting dust, as a conversation piece.

– Dahhhkness

6. A riveter

I bought a riveter that I used once and for only two rivets.

I don’t see any way of using it again. Looking back I could’ve perfectly used zip ties instead of the rivets but whatever, it’s now gathering dust somewhere in my house

– Antares_de_la_Luz

7. Trailer hitch

I bought a trailer hitch on Amazon when Prime first came out because I couldn’t believe they would ship it to my house for free.

It was the same price as in-store, but it’s still a trailer hitch for my Miata.

– MuellersGame

8. DVDs

I look at my “DVD Collection” and kick myself everyday.

I can now stream almost every movie in my library and I can’t remember where I stashed my Blu-ray.

– RelaxitsonlyAnal

9. A clear bag

My town’s college football stadium requires that people use clear bags/purses only.

I have zero other uses for my clear purse

– vvanvr

10. A metal anti-safety chunk

I know someone that has a piece of metal that fits where your seat belt clicks into your seat, to prevent the car from beeping due to the seatbelt not being used.

This person spent actual money on this.

– Suproa

11. Textbooks

In college, one semester I spent $600 on “required” textbooks that professors never assigned reading from or referenced at all.

I never even cracked them open…

– Dont_Mind_Me_69420

12. The Clapper

You know the as seen on tv power plug that you can attach a lamp or something to and all you’d need to do was clap twice to turn in on and off.

The audio didn’t pick up very well so I’m clapping like an idiot in the dark trying to turn on a lamp when walking over was not that much harder and at that point less frustrating

– eQko_x

13. HD DVD player

Because there was more HD DVD p**n than blue ray so I thought it was going to become mainstream but instead it just became obsolete.

I didn’t even buy any p**n to watch just Twister and the matrix trilogy.

– ActualWhiterabbit

14. A chicken kitchen thing

My sister dropped fifty bucks on a kitchen gadget that’s supposed to cook eggs. It’s shaped like a chicken and holds 6 eggs.

It doesn’t work very well (the yolks are completely runny and the whites can be slimy/not set), but that’s not why she doesn’t like it. She is disappointed that it only beeps when the timer’s up, instead of clucking or crowing. But she still won’t get rid of it, because it’s ‘cute’.

So it occupies precious shelf space in the pantry and gathers dust, a fifty-dollar piece of chicken-shaped plastic crap that doesn’t make good eggs and doesn’t even cluck.

– purplhouse

15. Desktop air conditioner

I bought one of those desktop air conditioners that you fill with water. It only pushed out cold air up to like 5 inches in front of it and was only slightly colder than a fan.

Was not worth it.

– Nateus9

I’ve always wondered about those desk AC things. Good to know to stay away, I suppose.

What’s the most useless thing you’ve spent money on?

Tell us in the comments.