Want some real talk?

Kids are weird. And quirky. And spontaneous. And just overall…unpredictable.

Good thing social media exists to document all of the wackiness, am I right? Because there’s nothing funnier than sharing how weird your kids are for all the world to see! That won’t make them angry later on in life, right?

Let’s take a look at some hilarious things that kids have said or done recently.

1. Very good.

That applies to pretty much everything except groceries and gas.

2. They just had to know.

I mean, why can’t sharks listen to some sweet tunes? Amirite?

3. I’ll use it, too.

Just don’t use it on your kids, otherwise there will be HELL to pay.

4. That is mature!

But, eventually, you’ll find that having different interests is… oh, nevermind. Good decision kid!

5. Teach your children well.

I would have paid money to see a video of this.

6. Pretty much everything.

Hey kid… same same.

7. Might want to put that on the fridge.

Or put it over the headboard. Either works.

8. Doing his own thing.

Now THAT is how you eat wings, kids!

9. Marching to her own beat.

I love her with all my heart.


10. That’s a good point.

Checkmate, motherf**ker!

11. She’s watching you.

And she’s taking notes!

12. She learned it from you.

And for that, you should be insanely proud!

And… those seriously cracked my s**t up.

How about you? Have you kids done or said any weird or hilarious things lately?

Tell us about it in the comments, please!